If you are an international student in Denmark or if you have already graduated from a Danish University and want to find work in Denmark, The Greater Copenhagen Career Programme is exactly what you need.

The programme has been specifically designed to help boost your career opportunities.


Danish businesses need your skills!

International graduates are in demand. Businesses in Denmark need experts with specialist technical skills, international experience and cultural understanding of foreign markets. The Greater Copenhagen Career Program aims at readying international students for careers in the many companies and organisations in Denmark looking for employees with global skills.

The Greater Copenhagen Career Program is a 6-month career and mentoring programme for recently graduated international students or those enrolled on a full degree course who are based in Greater Copenhagen.

Join the programme to:

  • Get a personal mentor from a Danish company
  • Learn how to structure your CV, application and LinkedIn profile and how to use job vacancy websites in Denmark
  • Learn how to create a professional impression
  • Take part in job match-making activities with companies
  • Familiarize yourself with the labour market, working culture and workers’ rights in Denmark
  • Take part in activities that will improve your value for Danish companies

For any enquiries about this programme, please contact: cphcareerprogram@bif.kk.dk

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