Why you should spend part of your summer volunteering in these great organizations in Denmark?

Well, it is something about that you can support a worthy cause, meet new people, build exciting skills and improve your resume! That is why we have drafted a list of potential places to volunteer. Look at them and start accelerating your career!

Red Barnet, Denmark

Save The Children Denmark is a member organization with more than 1000 volunteers who run more than 60 local branches all over the country. Nationally Save The Children Denmark is leading the fight against bullying - on the internet as well as in daycare, schools and other institutions for children.

Foodsharing, Copenhagen

"Our community's impact is made possible by those who share their free time to collect food, set up and carry out the food sharing and all the other events we host. Give it a try, join us and see if sharing food is for you. There is no commitment and everyone is welcome!"

Foodsharing have five different working groups: Foodsharing Events, Food Collection, Administration, Marketing and Volunteer Management. You can build skills starting from event management to talent management and leadership.

Cafe Sweet Surrender, Copenhagen

This cafes is operated by young people initiative whose focus is care for others. Majority of the profit, 70 percent, goes to the charities. Perhaps volunteering at the cafes is not for everyone nevertheless, you can gain skills in customer service, sales, ability to use positive language or develop clear communication skills.

Studenterhuset Aarhus

They have different volunteering groups where you can build an existing personality and competences for your future career. You will work around the student related events and subjects and can choose from a broad spectrum of activities and working themes. The working groups are: Business, Culture, Marketing, Bar and Team Leadership group.

Studenterhuset, Copenhagen

If you want to join a diverse team then Studenterhuset in Copenhagen is for sure an option. They have more than 200 volunteers from 40 different nationalities. You can potentially contribute in these areas: Community Kitchen, Bar and cafes, Event Crew, Film Club, Photographers, Language Cafes, Help refugees access university and UCPH Spring Festival. You can also come up with your own project ideas and for example, improve your entrepreneurship skills!

Almost half of the population (43%) are volunteering in Copenhagen and there are so many opportunities to volunteer in other cities too. When it comes to international people, some organizations have Danish working language which could be a fantastic opportunity for those who want to learn! 

UNYA Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus

UNYA DK is a youth-led, non-profit organization that works to promote and raise awareness amongst youth about the United Nations as well as UN-affiliated causes, values and issues. You can be part of the team seeking to create awareness in social and political issues affecting the global community. The volunteering team have different working groups: case competition, global health, human rights and equality, partnerships and communication, fundraising, UNYA Aalborg.

Engineers without borders, Denmark

Engineers Without Borders - Denmark, EWB-DK, is a technical humanitarian organization that, through the vision Building a better tomorrow seeks to reestablish life-preserving measures for people in need. We provide water and housing for people fleeing from war. By volunteering here, increase your social and academic network, develop more knowledge and make a difference.

Energy Crossroads Denmark, Copenhagen

They are hosting a range of activities in Denmark to create a community in support of clean energy and to get the word out about sustainability. Their aim is to inspire, empower and foster the next generation of energy and sustainability leaders, through dynamic and thought- provoking workshops and professional development activities. Gain skills in project management, proactiveness and leadership. Also, increase your understanding about environment and sustainability by working together with experts and professionals.

AISEC, Denmark

At their twitter AISEC states: Many of youth struggle with achieving their career goals due to the lack of business networks or access job opportunities. Are you interested in advancing career paths of the youth? Perhaps, this is your next step before getting on your next full-time career journey?

A lot of more possibilities you can find on this website: click here

Also, if you have a good experience with other volunteering organisations, please share with us so we can add them to the list!