No more mistakes with a video application

Recently, more and more companies started to require candidates to record a video. Sometimes, it is a video interview, presentation of yourself or overall presentation of why you are the greatest candidate for the job.

Nonetheless, successful candidates record a short video even when it is not a requirement. That is why, we have decided to draft main steps on how to prepare a short video presentation of yourself. You can use it when applying for the job, sharing on LinkedIn or other social media channels.

Make a strategy

Whether a video application is a requirement or not, it is important to create a strategy and a plan.

  • Story-telling

Perhaps, it is a clever idea to start thinking through story-telling perspective. What does a delightful story include? Good stories are easy to understand and memorize.

  • Emotional element

Danish people love humor maybe that could be your key to a successful application?

  • Length

Also, remember to keep it short. A good video should leave an HR person with an interest and excitement to meet you for the interview.

Be original

If a video application is not a requirement and there are no predefined questions- you are free to make whatever you like: from illustrated video to personal story somewhere in the forest. However, remember to keep the balance between being professional and creative. If there are requirements to answer a certain question, you can still be creative but remember to answer the question!

Prepare a script

It is smart to write down your speech or main points. It helps to memorize better what you are going to say. Also, by doing this practice on your body language and facial expressions - it is always nice to have a little bit of charisma. If you have a challenging time to remember your text or speak with confidence, try out a teleprompter. How do you think famous singers, keynote speakers, actors remember their texts? We have found a great app: Professor Hornet. First, download it then, attach it on the top of your camera and you are almost ready!


Be prepared to make a video that is aesthetic and clear. Make sure you have a tripod! Also, it is essential to keep the camera still and focused. Have a clean background and good lighting.

Now, you have learned all the steps on how to create a video presentation. Good luck and do not forget to smile!