We asked the YGAs to tell us about their year being Youth Goodwill Ambassador of Denmark. We want to share Kwabena Ababio Adwabour, student from Roskilde University and Mirej Bakalli- student from University of Southern Denmark view on why you should join the YGA programme

Could you tell your short story about YGA and why did you join this project?

My name is Kwabena Adwabour, I study at RUC- International Development Studies. I actually heard about YGA during our foundation course. They explained what YGA does is that they try to usher international students into the Danish culture.

I am from Greece, my name is Mirej and I study International Business and Management. I learned about YGA through my university, I am part of international brainstormers and Copenhagen Capacity one day came at our university and they gave us an opportunity to apply. I applied and was accepted!

A year passed, what are your reflections? What do you think about this program?

Mirey: I've been to almost to all of the events that YGA organized. The last two events were International Talent Conference, the one at the Danish Opera House. It was a very fantastic one! I had an opportunity to talk with 6 companies. With one of them specifically where I've got a business card and a small chat during the event and after. So, it was a really good opportunity. Apart from that, also the events that Copenhagen Capacity organized within this year where I was an ambassador it was really interesting and very useful for me because at the moment I am finishing my master's thesis and I am finished with my studying so I am looking forward for a job. I will use all the information, advices and skills from all this 1 year experience of YGA.

Do you think that this program was valuable to you?

Kwabena: The YGA program was very, very influential and valuable in a way that it assisted us in getting to know the Danish culture more and how to use that in applying and getting jobs. I feel stronger in getting a job more than I felt before I joined YGA.

Would you recommend this program for other students?

Kwabena: I would recommend this for the international students that are looking for a career in Denmark. I think in this case, YGA is very, very important and useful.

Mirej: Of course, I would definitely recommend it for everybody to apply because you get an opportunity to learn so much. First, you talk to very interesting and young people and then you have these opportunities where you can come and enjoy all of these events and they are so interesting and inspiring. When you leave, it feels like I can do more..