As part of our inspirational story series about our Youth Goodwill Ambassadors, our next story covers Kristine Hannelore Lober- a drone researcher, and behavioral economist.

Who are you (in three sentences)?

A goal-oriented, knowledge-seeking, analytical businesswoman with a passion for traveling, innovation and behavioral economics. I have a lot of energy and love to create and realize new ideas! My overall goal is to make an impact on society.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I am studying my Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration and I am working on my Master's thesis & a social network analysis of the drone industry in Denmark. I'm writing my thesis together with the drone research group "Innovation on wings", where I also work as a student research assistant. Besides that, I am enrolled in the Talent Programme in Entrepreneurship at SDU where I am working on a start-up, which is selling a 'piece of Danish hygge' and I spend a lot of time with the local entrepreneurial community. Apart from that, I am taking part in two career programs (Career in Denmark and Youth Goodwill Ambassador), which are focusing on developing a network in Denmark and branding it as an attractive place to study.

What is your passion?

I am passionate about behavioral economics, innovation, and technological fields related to it (e.g. drone technology, health tech). The first one can help nudge people in the right direction e.g. increase organ donation rates or healthy eating, while the second one is about developing or improving products and services to help people. Besides that, I enjoy traveling because you can learn much about people and other cultures. For instance, when I was backpacking in Albania I met a lot of different people, but one family stood out as it consisted of a mixture of atheists, Muslims, and Christians. What fascinated me about them was that they respected each other and their beliefs so much that they gladly took part in each other's religious celebrations. I really liked it, because I got to experience people first hand.

What do you need help with and what can you help someone else with?

I am looking for contacts and mentors who have experience in the textile industry or who can help me with supply chain optimization and social media marketing. Furthermore, I am graduating in a few months and am therefore looking for new career challenges in Business Administration, so I would love to get in touch with people working in an inspiring company. I can help others with knowledge, thoughts, and feedback on Innovation, Entrepreneurship or Behavioral Economics or with structuring things (I am German, we love structured).

What advice do you have for the current or future Nova members?

If your life is getting comfortable, go for the things you are most afraid of, because those are the things that will get you out of your comfort zone and will help you to grow personally and professionally.