Working for somebody else is not everyone's ambition and that's good news. Without the original ideas of today's young entrepreneurs, we won't have the big, successful corporations of tomorrow.

If you’re starting up with a business or have a big idea, there are a number of convincing reasons for choosing Denmark as your base.

Startup in Denmark

As one of the world’s most advanced digital societies and as Europe's top destination for ease of doing business (World Bank, 2020), Denmark is a great place to start a new business venture. Support for the start-up stage of a business is particularly outstanding in Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole has a large pool of bright, motivated and digitally savvy people (EU start-ups, 2019).

Denmark offers entrepreneurs:
  • World-class digital infrastructure
  • A strong network of clusters for tech entrepreneurs
  • A highly qualified talent pool
  • A strong tradition for digital design and user-driven solutions
  • A gateway to the Scandinavian and European market
The entrepreneurial ecosystem

In Denmark, there is a strong ecosystem designed to support entrepreneurs. This gives you access to free guidance and mentoring from business experts, as well as access to a network of public and private entrepreneur supporters who can help you grow your business. Read more here.

The Danish government initiated Start-up Denmark to help talented entrepreneurs relocate and start businesses in Denmark. It’s the go-to place for help and information. Find out more here.

Help get a start-up party started!

There are many start-ups in Denmark already, in all kinds of areas. If you want to work with passionate people, motivated in turning their idea into a successful business then you should join a start-up.

Find start-ups, entrepreneurial programs, and incubators to join here: