The transition from being a student to being in full-time employment can start while you are still studying. Here are a few tips on how!

What you can do while still a student…

  • Create opportunities for yourself. Do this by participating in case competitions, do internships, and volunteer. All of these make great experience, create networking opportunities and can be added to your CV. It will give good ground for employment upon graduation; opportunities or good references from a student activities just might help you land that first job.
  • Keep an eye on the job market. Do this while you are still studying; follow companies on LinkedIn, and go out and meet potential future employers whenever you get the chance at career or company events. Sign up to job websites to receive weekly notifications regarding job opportunities.
  • Think about what your competencies are. You can already start doing this while still a student, and decide how you intend to apply them to the job market.
  • Try to learn as much Danish as you can. Being a student is a busy time, but do your best to fit in some Danish during your studies. You don’t have to be fluent by the time you graduate, but showing that you have knowledge of Danish, and are motivated, will make a good impression on potential employers.

Once you have graduated…

  • Be organised and clear about your job-seeking priorities. Set aside time each day to search current job offers, but also to research companies that are potentially interesting to send unsolicited applications to.
  • Take care of your network, while looking to expand it. Stay in touch with contacts from your university and student job, you never know what opportunities may arise from these networks. Make sure to attend networking events relevant to your industry in order to establish new relationships, and potential job leads.
  • Be open to alternative possibilities when it comes to what kinds of jobs to look for. You may not land your dream job straight out of university, but there are certainly jobs out there that can lead to the job you really want, and it is important to consider these too – don’t give up!