As you approach the end of your study period in Denmark, you may well look back at the time you've had here and decide that it's too soon to leave! If so, now is the time to start looking for full-time work.



To help you get your graduate job in Denmark, we have put together a few useful tips:

  • Make it your job to get a job! Be organized and clear about your job-seeking priorities. Set aside time each day to search current job offers, but also to research companies that you might like to work for. There's no harm in expressing an interest in working for them even if they aren’t hiring right now.
  • Network: Look after your existing network and don’t miss a chance to expand it. Stay in touch with contacts from your university and student job because you never know what opportunities may arise from these networks. Go to networking events relevant to your industry to establish new relationships, and potential job leads.
  • Link into LinkedIn: Make sure that you have a presence on LinkedIn and spend time crafting your CV. Remember to highlight your international profile. Most employers will view it as a plus.
  • Be open-minded: You may not land your dream job straight out of university, but life is full of possibilities and connections that can ultimately lead to the job you really want. So keep the end goal in sight, consider all offers, be patient and don’t give up!