Being enrolled in the career development program Young Professionals in Denmark paved the way in the Danish labour market for Greek Konstantinos Giannikas. He got acquainted with the Danish working culture built on trust and he met the "right people", leading him to his current position at Ørsted.

The Danes have a positive attitude

Konstantinos is an YPD alumni of last year's programme, but he explains that his first application for the programme got rejected. He kept his motivation up and applied the next year and got accepted. When he was part of the programme, he seized every opportunity meeting companies and their representatives.

"At one of the YPD events I met some key representatives from Ørsted, and throughout the year my network expanded extensively."

When Konstantinos' master thesis approached, he got the opportunity to write his thesis at Østed, which later on led to his current full-time position as a HV/MV Engineer.

In Denmark, everything is built on trust

Upon moving to Copenhagen and Denmark, Konstantinos experienced that the foundation in the Danish society is built on trust. It is still something he experiences in his everyday life.

"It is very special that everything in this country is built on trust and not based on money or supervision, e.g. in the working culture. The main indicator that characterizes this country is trust. That is very special!"

Konstantinos has been working a little more than a month at Østed and does already feel that he has a great responsibility. He is assigned to a project team that is establishing the world's biggest offshore wind farm outside the east coast of the UK.

The biggest AHA-moment: The Danes enjoy everyday life

For Konstantinos there is one major difference living in Denmark compared to Greece. He describes that he, almost always, find Danes being in a good mood and having a positive attitude. In Greece, due to several reasons, it is the opposite. That is why he got positively surprised when moving here.

"Danes have a mentality to live and enjoy their everyday life. In other countries, people work on weekdays and have fun on weekdays. In Denmark, it's very common, that people go to restaurants after work. They take the full advantages of every day. This is something I did't expect."

Konstantinos is very fond of Copenhagen and Denmark, the Danish everyday life and workplaces built on trust suit him very well.